Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sometimes I really wish there were kindly Angels, and Faeries to protect, and love the helpless.

I 'really' with all my Heart wish this.

" of the free"

These are really rough days in the land of the free. Eviction stickers on homes, and apartment doors are are spreading again. They seemed to have mercifully slowed for a while, but are back with a vengeance all over the Emerald City.

That, and Marshall Repo notices on cars'n trucks.

Wait gets better. They want to take away the subway, and bus passes from school kids as well. Nice huh. Fuck the damned kids. Let'em walk. Did I mention the layoffs of teachers, and tutors.

Like I sez, fuck the next generation, we got ours, and that's all that matters.

Comrades in 'any' other country, even any other western democracies they'd be people in the street behind this foul shit. Here,..we've been trained to be stupid. Well trained

What more can I say.

"Stop the Blood"

Okay now I'll try to be funny.

No I'm not posting any pictures of boys splattered with blood. I think the dog cooking "Instant Cats" is as far as I'll go.

If you want to see bloody boys go to "Pink Neptune",..see link. Even "Milkboys" does this sometimes.

Anyhow hosing folks down especially boys with blood seems to be 'the' fad on the 'net lately. Where the hell did this come from.

I suspect it's generational.

Like the 9/11 conspiracies. People under 30 believe them. Most everybody else thinks they're not only nuts, but offensive.

I understand the latest conspiracy item is that the attacking planes were holograms, and were set to fly into the Towers just in time for the planted bombs to go off.

I saw the second plane fly over my head. An especially good technicolor hologram I must say.

'But I digress.

So what's with all the blood'n guts on boys, and okay gals. Can anyone explain this to me? Could this have anything to do with the Vampireophilia that's all the rage on tv, and the movies?


Aw com'on I couldn't help it. In my media job I get alot of deranged conspiracy stuff. Ya 'gotta' have a sense of humor or you'll go nuts.



Monday, March 1, 2010



JESUS LOVES YOU! not you,, no not you neither. Not you, not you, no, no, no way.

What 'You', are you kidding he certainly don't love you or whoever that is on your bed all tied up with velvet rope, black leather eyeless head mask, and a red ball jammed in his mouth.

Lets see, eh, not you, you, or you.

Holy crap 'Not you' or whatever sort of mammal that is.

Not you, no, no, forget it, not a chance, no way.

Umm, not you, no way pal especially with that rodent up your butt!



Yeah You!

The skanky guy that just logged on in Bucharest,Romania.

Yeah I'm talk'n to you!

Looks like you won just the Jack Pot pal!

Da Lawd thinks the sun is blast'n red hot rays out'a your hairy butt!'n ya goats.

Apparently 'you', and your little pals are the 'only' ones going to heaven after the Judgement.

Eh, I think you'll have to spend eternity on your knees kissing the Big Guy's holy reinments, and singing hymns or something.

Congratulations,..I think.

As for the rest of us we're going to the Pagan afterlife. Parties, Sex, Booze, Dope, Great Bands, neat Cars, Good Company, and Weird Science!

'Least that what a recent Dream showed me.

Stay tuned.

(...I 'really' hope the "Big Guy" has a broad sense of humor.)


Yeah you're all very tired of my obsessions with various young men. Bill of Tokio Hotel" for example,...oh Bill I have zip shame! I wanna have your babies!! I don't care that they say you're straight. What the hell does that mean these days anyway! ...and quit smoking!

Okay there's 'that' insanity.

Now there's the french fashion model Charles Guislain, on the left, be still my aged heart! I've embarrassed myself in front of most of you through three blog now concerning these two guys. Hey it's my blog, and I'll make a "Blue Angel" fool of myself if I want too!

It's just that a friend suggested I move on as neither of these fantasy spirits is likely to knock on my front door this week.

Umm, at least probably not.

I have champagne, pastry, and tickets to the Brooklyn Academy of Music handy just in case though.

Still perhaps it is time to move on, another obsession!

More on this awkward story as events warrant.