Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sometimes I really wish there were kindly Angels, and Faeries to protect, and love the helpless.

I 'really' with all my Heart wish this.

" of the free"

These are really rough days in the land of the free. Eviction stickers on homes, and apartment doors are are spreading again. They seemed to have mercifully slowed for a while, but are back with a vengeance all over the Emerald City.

That, and Marshall Repo notices on cars'n trucks.

Wait gets better. They want to take away the subway, and bus passes from school kids as well. Nice huh. Fuck the damned kids. Let'em walk. Did I mention the layoffs of teachers, and tutors.

Like I sez, fuck the next generation, we got ours, and that's all that matters.

Comrades in 'any' other country, even any other western democracies they'd be people in the street behind this foul shit. Here,..we've been trained to be stupid. Well trained

What more can I say.

"Stop the Blood"

Okay now I'll try to be funny.

No I'm not posting any pictures of boys splattered with blood. I think the dog cooking "Instant Cats" is as far as I'll go.

If you want to see bloody boys go to "Pink Neptune",..see link. Even "Milkboys" does this sometimes.

Anyhow hosing folks down especially boys with blood seems to be 'the' fad on the 'net lately. Where the hell did this come from.

I suspect it's generational.

Like the 9/11 conspiracies. People under 30 believe them. Most everybody else thinks they're not only nuts, but offensive.

I understand the latest conspiracy item is that the attacking planes were holograms, and were set to fly into the Towers just in time for the planted bombs to go off.

I saw the second plane fly over my head. An especially good technicolor hologram I must say.

'But I digress.

So what's with all the blood'n guts on boys, and okay gals. Can anyone explain this to me? Could this have anything to do with the Vampireophilia that's all the rage on tv, and the movies?


Aw com'on I couldn't help it. In my media job I get alot of deranged conspiracy stuff. Ya 'gotta' have a sense of humor or you'll go nuts.



Monday, March 1, 2010



JESUS LOVES YOU! not you,, no not you neither. Not you, not you, no, no, no way.

What 'You', are you kidding he certainly don't love you or whoever that is on your bed all tied up with velvet rope, black leather eyeless head mask, and a red ball jammed in his mouth.

Lets see, eh, not you, you, or you.

Holy crap 'Not you' or whatever sort of mammal that is.

Not you, no, no, forget it, not a chance, no way.

Umm, not you, no way pal especially with that rodent up your butt!



Yeah You!

The skanky guy that just logged on in Bucharest,Romania.

Yeah I'm talk'n to you!

Looks like you won just the Jack Pot pal!

Da Lawd thinks the sun is blast'n red hot rays out'a your hairy butt!'n ya goats.

Apparently 'you', and your little pals are the 'only' ones going to heaven after the Judgement.

Eh, I think you'll have to spend eternity on your knees kissing the Big Guy's holy reinments, and singing hymns or something.

Congratulations,..I think.

As for the rest of us we're going to the Pagan afterlife. Parties, Sex, Booze, Dope, Great Bands, neat Cars, Good Company, and Weird Science!

'Least that what a recent Dream showed me.

Stay tuned.

(...I 'really' hope the "Big Guy" has a broad sense of humor.)


Yeah you're all very tired of my obsessions with various young men. Bill of Tokio Hotel" for example,...oh Bill I have zip shame! I wanna have your babies!! I don't care that they say you're straight. What the hell does that mean these days anyway! ...and quit smoking!

Okay there's 'that' insanity.

Now there's the french fashion model Charles Guislain, on the left, be still my aged heart! I've embarrassed myself in front of most of you through three blog now concerning these two guys. Hey it's my blog, and I'll make a "Blue Angel" fool of myself if I want too!

It's just that a friend suggested I move on as neither of these fantasy spirits is likely to knock on my front door this week.

Umm, at least probably not.

I have champagne, pastry, and tickets to the Brooklyn Academy of Music handy just in case though.

Still perhaps it is time to move on, another obsession!

More on this awkward story as events warrant.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Art by Furan"

These pieces by Furan come from "Y Gallery", google them. There's alot of lad oriented comix art out there. Okay too much of it sucks, but some is cute. Anyway I kind'a like "Furan's" art.

(Of course click on all art on these pages for better viewing.)

I can't post stuff like my dear cyber pal "jj frenchie's", see below. Well not 'much' of his stuff as most of his characters are running around with big dripping hardons or are gleefully bleeping the daylights out of each other.

...and we all know how 'wrong' that is.

"Isilme", Khrys


We just had our third,..or fourth blizzard here in the Emerald City. Btw the far right sez this proves that there's no global warming. Washington got a total of nearly five feet of snow out of three storms.

The left sez that the storms, 'and' the Haiti earthquake are the work of an evil weather machine the Navy has. Their HARP system for communication with our submarines. Seems this cooks up both the land, and atmosphere.

Ummm, this is why I'm an independent, nuff said.

Anyway my aunt used to do the above to my cousins, and me during heatwaves. The two day heatwaves we used to have before 'actual' planetary heating gave us two month steamwaves!

These images have been on the 'net for a few years, and I've been trying to find their source,...anyone know? I'm assuming it isn't some porn series. It seems too happy for that.

Btw, nothing wrong with porn, but most of it doesn't look joyful, Lust really ought to be fun. I remember long ago some trouble makers, and I saw this, unhappy industrial porn, as a sign of social decay.

We wanted to produce a funny, that is happy sex 'zine. All orientations included. Including gleeful boy sex. Like I say on these blogs,...if you count them as they go by, eros is supposed to be fun.

We've made horniness a business, and then narrowed it down to a very limited choice of dreams. Swell.

But I digress.

I really just love the pictures of these lads getting bathed. Very like boys skinny dipping in an even earlier time. So sweet. These pics remind me of another way of living from a culture long gone.

(We seemed to have broken the !!**100**!! views mark on our latest page! Okay others get zillions, but Quality beats quantity any day!)

Stay Tuned.

"Art Crime"


(Thanks to Josh of "Milkboys" for backing up so many of my pages. Please link to his page listed on the right.)

("ART CRIME!",...or 6000 Volts Never Hurt Anybody,..that Mattered.)

I just read somewhere that some poor dumb bastard got six months for importing some Japanese comic books, Manga, into the land of the free. Yeah six or so scary issues of a sexy manga from the Emperor's comix shop of the Rise'n Sun.

Seems one of our new laws makes looking at comix book drawings of naked kiddies with damp dripping stiffies, and eyes full of Holy Lust worse than shooting a church full'a Popes.

Like I been saying Jesus won't be happy till 'Everything' in the U.S. of A. is illegal, and everybody's in prison.

There's a guy in Texas,...yeah where else.

Anyway the fella is doing 90 years for having a single hemp plant in his attic,..under a grow light. A neighbor turned him in for the reward. See in Texas if you grow your own you're legally a dealer. There's rewards for dealers. Dealers get life. One plant for personal use.

Nice country huh.

Right so there's the poor comic book guy sitting between Charles Manson, and Theodore John Kaczynski the Unabomber.

The Unabomber asks him what he's in for, and he sez,'n sexy jap comic books. The Unabomber sez,..."Wow! It's worse than I thought! Nuts as I am even I didn't think the system would get 'this' bad!"

"...told ya so." Sez Manson.

So far the tame Angel stuff I do is safe,..for right now.

The original version of the law tried to ban 'all' images of bipeds under 18 years.

'Guess they was getting their bully boys ready to hit the museums, and galleries with tear gas, and *1200/3000 volt taser stun guns. These to bring down any curators that wouldn't play ball.

*(Word on the street is the cops juice up their units for effect. So if you piss some cop off you might get a taste of 5000/6000 volts. Which is why the old folks tend to have heart attacks, and die on the spot. There's been alot of that lately.)

Them taser things is killing people all over the country. Mostly old folks. Healthy young adults survive.

Btw, a six year old boy in Miami just got the crap zapped out'a him. Over a thousand of volts of electricity.

Yeah of course he was Black.

*Note to parents, and guardians, esp. if you're Black, Mexican or just plain poor. If the authorities taser, electrify, and make your kid crap gobs of shitty blood it is 'not' abuse.

So yeah American cops use these evil things on youngsters, and older folks. Israelies, and eastern Europeans are in on the taser act too, but I haven't heard them frying the very young or old,...yet.

I'm sure that's in the pipeline though.

See the damned things are just so handy. They're popular with the heat because they brings down the perps in two seconds. None of that sloppy gun play that always looks so bad on the precinct reports, and tv.

Understandable if you've got a 26 year old 250lb biker that's stoned on angel dust, crack, and whiskey coming at you with a rusty 10 inch blade while "Sympathy for the Devil" plays in the backround.

Hell I'd Zap the bastard myself.

Hey don't get me wrong. I loves the cops. Especially when some armed crazed maniac is climbing in through my bedroom window to chop me up, and the cop shows up just in time to air this guy out with a hail of 9mm slugs!

I sincerely loves'em then!

On the other hand,...a 72 year old granny stopped for a traffic violation. That or a 14 year old that was skate boarding on private property. Eh, seems other means other than 3000 volts could have settled them offenses.

Sorry I digress.

You get the picture. Seems the only safe thing to do is to hide in your basement or under your bed,...but than that might be illegal too


"Strike a Pose"


Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Another Way of Being"

Greetings Comrades. Our dear pal Sion Liscannor's collected chapters from his ongoing book "Another Way of Being". The collected chapters, which has been serialized here for the last year, now has it's own web page.

Bayword is hosting Sion's chapters.

Please link to Sion's page, which is still being worked on. He's got the first 16 of his 31 chapters up. No doubt they'll be illustrations eventually.

Hey cut'em some slack Bayword is not easy to use. Infact my own Bayword page, "Gimme Shelter", is slowly evolving as I figure how the heck to use the damned thing.

As I say over there all elder bloggers should have a Boy Scout helping them out. This way they can get their computer badge, and helping old farts badge at the same time!

So link to us so you'll always be able to find our stuff no matter what happens here.


Stay Tuned.

"Neon Buddha"

A friend took this shot not long ago. A wonderful window! 'Wish I could have the neon Buddha hang'n over my bed. It is so neat.

"Oh My,..."

I've been lurking around dear Tristan's, who is most certainly a guy, I've been poking about our pal's blog, and web pages. See his links over on the right. Aw gee. I want to buy "ALL",..well mostly all of his works.

Maybe we can work a deal, we'll see.

Anyway his rationality about his work put me in mind to make some dough,..finally from my own swell stuff.

All my life others have raked in the scratch from my stuff. This because I was such anti-capitalist, or incompetent business person.

Take your pick.

Anyway book sellers make hundreds of bucks from my early books. Mostly because they think I'm dead. I've always intended to announce that I'm still here, and have crates of them "rare" books that they want so bad.

Aw, I know me. Business is not my art form. Still Maybe I might offer a few items now'n then.

"Avast ye!"

I've just laid the keel for our latest lifeboat for 'when', not if this ship is nuked. Damn the the evil pirates of cyber seas!

Anyhow look yonder to your right, and link to "GIMME SHELTER". She was launched from the Baywords blog yards. They 'say' they don't delete,..heard that before.

We'll see.

Till then cheers, and behave.

Friday, February 26, 2010

"Guest Editorial"

Our dear comrade, and author Sion Liscannor responds to my post "OOPS",feb. 23rd, and the comments it engendered


Some thoughts on a comment posted recently by Art Fanatic.
“I believe that males are supposed to be attracted to males, but then subliminate that desire and express it in an acceptable manner, including affection, sports, art and everything else, but not sex.”

Dear Art Fanatic,
I respect your point of view, but it raises many questions for me.
Firstly, there is the question of who it is that ‘supposes’ that males (or anyone else) are meant to behave in a certain way and not in another way. Again, who is doing the ‘accepting’? Who decides what is right or wrong? Who writes the rules of what is acceptable or not acceptable?

What I take you to mean is that all relationships (sexual or otherwise) take place within the context of a larger human society, and that society imposes certain rules, which society expects us to conform to and which we ignore at our peril.
We know that there are no absolute rules. Different societies and different epochs write the rules differently. What is sublime behaviour in one society and one epoch needs to be ‘sublimated’ in another.

Our society, as all societies before it, has inherited a heap of conflicting taboos, prejudices and religiously imposed strictures. Western society in particular, since Christianity exterminated the religious practices of the Classical world, has associated sex with shame and guilt.

Almost all sexual activity in our society needs to be ‘sublimated’ in one way or another. At one level it has to be legitimized by marriage; at another level it has to be redeemed by association with concepts of romantic ‘love’.

Even the ‘free sex’ lobby has tended to support its views by reference to physical and/or mental health or political liberation. It seems we cannot simply ‘do’ sex without calling in the gods, or Freud, or Karl Marx, or some guru or other, to give it the OK.
I would propose an alternative view: We could also regard sexual activity not as an end but as a means to an end. There is no such thing as a sexual relationship. There are human relationships which are enhanced in various ways by sex.

I am uncomfortable about the rather vague term ‘enhanced’ (though not as uncomfortable as I am about the even vaguer term ‘sublimated’). What I mean by ‘enhancement’ is that relationships can be made more intimate, more honest, more noble, more inspiring etc when sex is involved. Sex is a means by which one human being meets another in a more complete way. Most of the serious business of life is about such meetings.

That elements in our society have conspired to associate sex with guilt and shame simply shows that our social values and attitudes have been distorted in order to hinder such ‘meetings’ of individuals. Western culture is a wounded culture. Any culture that restricts the meeting of human souls – and which does so in the name of some higher morality – is a wounded culture. Fortunately, sex has an infinite capacity to heal. And it always returns to us however many times we try to drive it away.

Secondly, when we sweep away the ‘suppositions’ of what is ‘acceptable’ or not ‘acceptable’, where does that leave us with regard to the question of how we are to conduct ourselves in respect of sexual relationships? Such relationships are between individuals, not between individuals and society.

It is necessary that society legislates for human relationships in the economic sphere and in the sphere of human ‘rights’ – by which I mean everything to do with the concept of equality before the law.

But society cannot or should not attempt to legislate in the sphere of personal relationships. Personal relationships belong to the spiritual sphere, and it is in the spiritual sphere that human beings can be free. Friendship and love are part of spiritual freedom.

Society cannot legislate in this sphere, so it becomes the task of each of us to be responsible for his own conduct – and to be answerable to himself for his conduct. Personal relationships – and personal relationships which are deepened by sex in particular – are the part of our lives that require the most intense sense of responsibility.

It is an unfortunate consequence of our social conditioning that we are largely taught to ignore the cultivation of a sense of responsibility in the sphere of personal relationships. Society would persuade us that we are responsible for the welfare of the state, the nation, our caste, our clan, our family and all the rest of it.

Actually, it is in personal relationships that we require the deepest sense of responsibility, because it is here where we can directly do the greatest good and the greatest harm.

Thirdly, what is ‘responsibility’ in respect of same sex relationships, and in particular in respect of the inter-generational relationships which are of specific interest in the forum of ‘Pink Hell’?

Imagine for a moment that we were living in an Earthly paradise. I conceive of such a paradise not in terms of Eden gardens and sandy beaches and palm trees: I conceive of it as a world free of the burden of the past. A world without history, a world without religious traditions; and hence a world free of guilt and shame. A world in which each human soul could develop according to his or her own nature, without the pressure to conform to other people’s ideas of how we should be. There has never been such a world, but we can imagine it.

I find it interesting to speculate what sort of relationships might be possible in this imaginary free world and what part human sexuality might play in them. What interests me most about this imaginary world is that the possibility of hurting and of being hurt would be greatly diminished. For most of what is ‘hurtful’ or ‘damaging’ or ‘harmful’ about intergenerational sexual relationships is not inherent in the relationship itself: it is the product of the social pressures and tensions that surround the relationship. A boy is likely to be ‘hurt’ in such a relationship in consequence of the confused feelings of guilt or shame with which he has been socially conditioned.

He is likely to be ‘hurt’ by the mockery or rejection of his peers, who are victims of the same conditioning. He is likely to be hurt by the tension between the idea of himself which society has indoctrinated him with, and the alternative self that he discovers in and through the relationship.

So where does this leave us when we return to such relationships in the real world? What does responsible conduct look like in the face of the pain that such a relationship might bring? One might conclude that it is absolutely irresponsible to even consider a relationship that might bring such a hell down on the head of a boy. Unless, of course, personal relationships are of such value that they justify the risk. I would contend that relationships have an absolute value whereas social pressures are merely contingent. There is a choice: we can submit to the prejudices of society or we can have courage for the truth.

It is in this respect that I have the greatest difficulty with the concept of ‘sublimation’. To me sublimation either suggests dishonesty about the nature of a relationship or a refusal to accept human nature for what it is.
When I was a boy I was involved in several ‘sublimated’ relationships. I mean by this that I had relationships to adult males who were clearly sexually attracted to me but who insisted on limiting this relationship in one way or another. In one case the adult was a teacher who tried to preserve a formal ‘professional’ relationship to me; in another it was a priest in the role of a ‘spiritual counsellor’ who used that role to pry into the details of my personal life; in another it was an adult who cultivated a sort of ‘Iron John’ friendship that involved every kind of physical contact except sexual contact.

I have said that in the examples I have mentioned there was a clear sexual attraction from the side of the adult. I assume that most of the readers of this blog were boys once and that they will be familiar with the kind of ‘sublimated’ relationship I am describing. Sexual attraction is often revealed most starkly by the efforts people make to conceal it. A man who is ‘sublimating’ or concealing his feelings is like an actor who is playing a part. It is a dreadful thing to live out your life in such acting. And for the boy it is dreadful too if the relationship is one that is of value for him. It means that he will never really meet you. You offer all the peripherals of a friendship while denying the essential part of it.

In discussing the role of sex in relationships we tend to allow ourselves to be fixated upon physical acts, as if sexuality was made up of the various crimes that might be filed on a police charge sheet. Moralisers and legislators and pornographers are united in the fact that they all mistake the sexual act for sex itself. Sex is actually everything before and after. The bodily sexual act is simply the soul’s way of giving itself a break from sex.

If sex is at all it is everywhere and always. Sex is more like pollen than we suppose. It is in the air. It is around us and between us. That is why a boy usually knows when someone desires him. There is therefore no point in denying sexual attraction. What you do about it is, perhaps, another question, and it will depend on personalities and circumstances. But the first step, surely, is to stop denying the presence of sexual feeling.

This brings me to my second reservation about ‘sublimation’: that it involves a refusal to accept human nature for what it is.

I have several times in the above spoken of ‘human souls’ on the one hand and ‘bodily actions’ on the other. But we know, of course, that the distinction between soul and body is a fabrication. If we are in any doubt about it sex is always there to remind us. The concept of ‘sublimation’ rests on the erroneous belief that we can separate ‘bodily’ components of desire from ‘spiritual’ components of desire, and that we can transfer our desire from one realm to another. We don’t need to be philosophers to demonstrate the absurdity of this view of things: our ordinary experience of life makes it abundantly clear.

‘Sublimation’, I suspect, really means withholding ourselves from entering truly into a relationship with all that it involves – including our feelings, our desires, our needs – and substituting something else in place of that relationship. Sublimation means acting out a fantasy life of spurious relationships on the one hand and satisfying our sexual urges with such substitutes as pornography and masturbation.

Sublimation is, of course, a lofty spiritual ideal and has a long history. Plato seems to have thought of it first (though there are unkind rumours that he didn’t quite live up to his ideals in respect of some of his later youthful friends). Mahatma Gandhi liked to test the perfection of his sublimation skills by sleeping between a pair of attractive young girls. People who behave like this belong in a Freak Show. I cannot but feel that they have profoundly lost their way.

It is possible that I have a distorted view of sublimation. As the offspring of a Catholic Bishop I tend to regard myself as the product of a failed effort of lifelong sublimation, and I am grateful for the failure.
Finally, have we ever considered the point of view of the boys on the receiving end of these noble efforts of ‘sublimation’?

In two of the examples I have cited above from my own boyhood I felt a profound sense of frustration at what appeared to me to be mere cowardice or dishonesty. Like all adolescents I tended to see things in terms of black and white – but the fact that boys see moral issues in such stark terms doesn’t mean we shouldn’t respect their views. In these two cases I forced the sexual element of the relationship into the open. Why? I didn’t do it because I found either of the men sexually attractive in the way that I found boys of my own age attractive at that time. I did it in part because I really valued the friendship and all that it gave me, and I wanted it to be ‘true’. I also wanted to be able to give something in return for all that I received.

This ‘giving’ was an important issue. This ‘giving’ didn’t cost me anything and it transformed a lop-sided relationship into a reciprocal relationship. I enjoyed the fact that I was desired. It meant that I had something of value to give. A ‘sublimated’ relationship might look fine from the point of view of the sublimating adult, but in truth it is a distortion that belittles the boy whom it would protect.

"Cake Walk"

(A response from Bodmin one of our overseas editorialists to my "Hot Seat" post a few entires down.)

God damn, man, you wanna give old Bodmin a heart attack? Those shades, that presence, those smooooth brown thighs...You gotta put up 'pretty boy' warnings when you do something like that!

Speaking of sexy boys and Black History Month.

*****Pardon my intrusion a moment here Bodmin.

(Yeah, swell Black History Month! They toss us this damned bone in the shortest coldest month. As C.S. Lewis called this time of year, "...always winter, and never Christmas."

Try having a Bar-B-Q or fireworks in the middle of a blizzard or hail storm. Oh did I forget to say thanks?

Bleeping Thanks.)

Sorry Comrade,..couldn't help it.

******We continue now with dear Bodmin's response to "Hot Seat"

"Speaking of sexy boys and Black History Month."

Some history to go with them:
We don't know who he is (or her, for that matter), but they were the leads in the troop called Les Enfants Nègres, who performed the Cake Walk at the Nouveau Cirque in Paris during the 1905 season.

They were popular enough that S.I.P., the Paris theatrical publisher, who did postcard series of theatrical stars (particularly actresses) and opera singers, did a ten-card set of them (two of her, two of him, and six of them together, doing moves that run from the traditional Cake Walk (here) to things that look like the jitterbug).

While we don't know anything about this particular troop we do know that these "pickaninny troops" were touring Europe from about 1890 to the beginning of the First World War, generally organised in New Orleans, often of orphans.

One of the more famous was "Belle Davis's Piccaninnies", Belle being a Creole woman who had been a music hall performer herself. For instance, she is credited with beginning the career of the ragtime/jazz/big band pianist "Sneeze" Williams, at the age of nine, in 1895.

(On the other hand, there seem to have been some tragic stories of how the 'entrepreneurs' just abandoned the kids in Europe and returned to the States with their money...)

All of which brings us to the question: IS THIS RACIST????????????
You can find plenty of sites denouncing the Cake Walk as stereotyping Blacks as happy darkies with rhythm and loose bodies.

You can also find sites which explain that the Cake Walk was originally Blacks poking fun at the cotillion in the Big House; Massa was too dumb to realise the joke was on him, and joined in.

And as far as the 'strutting' goes: you know Michael Jackson got his moves (particularly the moonwalk) from Charlie Chaplin - and if you look closely at the film footage you realise that Charlie Chaplin got his moves from these guys. Could be this is the beginning of the Black influence on American culture...

So, I dunno... What I do know is that this little guy in his white tights is damn sexy for his plus/minus115 years, and knows it. (So did whoever his dresser was; note the highlight on the bulge at his crotch...)