Thursday, March 4, 2010


Sometimes I really wish there were kindly Angels, and Faeries to protect, and love the helpless.

I 'really' with all my Heart wish this.


  1. Has anyone noticed that the photography blog called "Camera Obscura" has been nuked by blogger?
    That was a great reference site for all sorts of great photographers, past and present.

  2. I'm surprised that lasted as long as they did. I really just don't understand blogspot. It's possible that this extermination may be the work of just one venal person on their staff.

    This happened at another blogger service where an extreme religious homophobe went on a deletion rampage over a weekend.

    Freedom of the press is for those that own their own press.

    Please link to my "GIMME SHELTER" lifeboat page now, in right now! This so that if we go down you can find us quickly.

    Also link to my "normal",..non Queer page "New Sydneyland". Both are on the right.

    Stay Tuned.

  3. Uncle,
    Tristan Alexander at
    cannot get onto this blog. He gets redirected elsewhere. And I am getting a virus warning from this blog. Has someone planted a bug here? Please go talk to Tristan...