Monday, March 1, 2010


JESUS LOVES YOU! not you,, no not you neither. Not you, not you, no, no, no way.

What 'You', are you kidding he certainly don't love you or whoever that is on your bed all tied up with velvet rope, black leather eyeless head mask, and a red ball jammed in his mouth.

Lets see, eh, not you, you, or you.

Holy crap 'Not you' or whatever sort of mammal that is.

Not you, no, no, forget it, not a chance, no way.

Umm, not you, no way pal especially with that rodent up your butt!



Yeah You!

The skanky guy that just logged on in Bucharest,Romania.

Yeah I'm talk'n to you!

Looks like you won just the Jack Pot pal!

Da Lawd thinks the sun is blast'n red hot rays out'a your hairy butt!'n ya goats.

Apparently 'you', and your little pals are the 'only' ones going to heaven after the Judgement.

Eh, I think you'll have to spend eternity on your knees kissing the Big Guy's holy reinments, and singing hymns or something.

Congratulations,..I think.

As for the rest of us we're going to the Pagan afterlife. Parties, Sex, Booze, Dope, Great Bands, neat Cars, Good Company, and Weird Science!

'Least that what a recent Dream showed me.

Stay tuned.

(...I 'really' hope the "Big Guy" has a broad sense of humor.)


  1. "The Rapture", isn't even a Biblical concept! Heaven and Hell are not Hebrew concepts (they were adapted from the Greeko/Roman Mythos by early Christians). Sin is not a Hebrew concept (not in the You will go to Hell forever and suffer sense). Jesus, would not have a problem with anyone, but his so called followers would/do! Jesus never claimed to be God!
    Oh, and "God" not the made up human version, doesn't care what you do! Life is what you make of it and liing for the afterlife, or fearing eternal punishment is a waste of time and a waste of your life. (Sorry for the rant)

  2. Well Tristan, don't be sorry for the rant since it's a damn good one. So is Sidney's.

    I like Sidney most when he gets wound up. He's been at it for years and I love him for it.

    Tristan, I have only known of you and your art since Sidney first posted your work here a few days ago. I have looked at your web site and web log both of which I have enjoyed. I'm really delighted to see you making some regular posts here.

    Rant on brothers, it's music to my ears!

  3. I would'nt want to share eternity with the scurrilous joyless bastards anyway.

    Happy St.Taffy's day.

  4. Thought I would explain myself a bit. I was a Christian of one sort or another for the past 50 years. I have studied for the ministry and am currently near the end of a 4 year course called EFM (Education for Ministrey, actually a VERY good course). But even though Jesus was a good man who tried to tell people to lobve and not hate, his message was screwed up and usurped into a hate filled evil thing that has caused much death and misery and which lies to it's followers! After seeing that no matter what the founder thought or taught, Christians as a whole (there are some wonderful individuals but they are to few to effect the whole) are bigotted hateful liers who do NOT follow the teachings of Jesus in any real way! As such, I could no longer be part of it and have come to understand that "God" is beyound human understanding and that ANY book or person that claims to know what "God" wants or thinks, IS CRAZY!! Religion is all about humans controling other humans and has NOTHING to do with your soul or spirit or how you realy continue after death. LIVE NOW (it may be all you get).

  5. Thank you Tristan. It's a delight to hear you say this,