Thursday, March 4, 2010

" of the free"

These are really rough days in the land of the free. Eviction stickers on homes, and apartment doors are are spreading again. They seemed to have mercifully slowed for a while, but are back with a vengeance all over the Emerald City.

That, and Marshall Repo notices on cars'n trucks.

Wait gets better. They want to take away the subway, and bus passes from school kids as well. Nice huh. Fuck the damned kids. Let'em walk. Did I mention the layoffs of teachers, and tutors.

Like I sez, fuck the next generation, we got ours, and that's all that matters.

Comrades in 'any' other country, even any other western democracies they'd be people in the street behind this foul shit. Here,..we've been trained to be stupid. Well trained

What more can I say.

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  1. "Here,..we've been trained to be stupid."

    It's true. In Greece they're rioting over austerity measures which are now being imposed in a vain attempt to shore up that sinking economy. By comparison, Americans strike me as unbearably complacent, docile and obedient. Though this may eventually change as our situation worsens.

    Unfortunately, in neither case will that save the economy. Every online commentator I trust who deals with the subject points out multiple persuasive reasons why the world is in for big trouble, economically and otherwise.