Monday, March 1, 2010


Yeah you're all very tired of my obsessions with various young men. Bill of Tokio Hotel" for example,...oh Bill I have zip shame! I wanna have your babies!! I don't care that they say you're straight. What the hell does that mean these days anyway! ...and quit smoking!

Okay there's 'that' insanity.

Now there's the french fashion model Charles Guislain, on the left, be still my aged heart! I've embarrassed myself in front of most of you through three blog now concerning these two guys. Hey it's my blog, and I'll make a "Blue Angel" fool of myself if I want too!

It's just that a friend suggested I move on as neither of these fantasy spirits is likely to knock on my front door this week.

Umm, at least probably not.

I have champagne, pastry, and tickets to the Brooklyn Academy of Music handy just in case though.

Still perhaps it is time to move on, another obsession!

More on this awkward story as events warrant.


  1. I can't help it.

    I'll feel better after a nice curry dinner, and a good nights sleep.

  2. Dear Sidney,
    Do you think you could post that photo of Charlie with the big black feathery coat again - you know, the one that makes him look like a giant moth straight out of hell?
    I have missed not being able to scroll back to Charlie occasionally on this new blog.

  3. Not that I want to take him away from you, of course.
    I just like the coat.

  4. Comrade Sidny, let me get this "straight", you're a "blue angel" obssesd with these two "red devils", more power to you.