Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Art by Furan"

These pieces by Furan come from "Y Gallery", google them. There's alot of lad oriented comix art out there. Okay too much of it sucks, but some is cute. Anyway I kind'a like "Furan's" art.

(Of course click on all art on these pages for better viewing.)

I can't post stuff like my dear cyber pal "jj frenchie's", see below. Well not 'much' of his stuff as most of his characters are running around with big dripping hardons or are gleefully bleeping the daylights out of each other.

...and we all know how 'wrong' that is.


  1. Oh that felt so *wrong*, Robin-san. Do it again - only this time harder!

  2. I looked at the Y Gallery...didn't seem to have much worth seeing. I think you may have posted the best they had here. (and I never got to see any of what you posted here on there).