Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Who Did This?!"

Okay fess up. I know you're out there! I first clapped eyes on this swell piece of art back in the late 1960's. Though I was just a lad,...Stonewall was three years away. I was 16, and prowling porn shops for likely reading material.

"Over 21 Only" my then underage, but horny butt!

Click on the above relic of a freer time for ease of viewing. Btw I spied one of the teaching brothers, a cleric from my religious school at one of these shops in civilian duds one weekend. Youbetcha! Yep he bought a Queer mag'n took it back to the rectory for private holy communion.

He went up 3000 points in my estimation for that!

'But I digress.

The above lovely painting appeared in one of the Lyric/DOM 'zines back in the mid-late 1960's. I think the one with "Peter" on the cover. You remember him, still my heart. Nude lad at the beach on the front cover of an over the counter 'zine.

I don't even know how many years you's get for even thinking about such things today.

I digress again.

Who painted that damned picture, and where can we see more of his or her art. It's been over 40 years! Is there an answer to this mystery. The only clue is what was mentioned in the 'zine.

"These door panels were painted for a wealthy patron"

Yeah, but who, who dammit! Who painted them panels, and what happened to him/her.

Any clues out there?


  1. They are doors from the home of Roger Peyrefitte. The artist Gaston Goor painted them.

    All hail our patron saint William S. Burroughs:

    "Rock and Roll adolescent hoodlums storm the streets of all nations. They rush into the Louvre and throw acid in the Mona Lisa's face. They open zoos, insane asylums, prisons, burst water mains with air hammers, chop the floor out of passenger plane lavatories, shoot out lighthouses, file elevator cables to one thin wire, turn sewers into the water supply, throw sharks and sting rays, electric eels and candiru into swimming pools (the candiru is a small eel-like fish or worm about one-quarter inch through and two inches long patronizing certain rivers of ill repute in the Greater Amazon Basin, will dart up you prick or your asshole or a woman's cunt faute de mieux, and hold himself there by sharp spines with precisely what motives is not known since no one has stepped forward to observe the candiru's life-cycle in situ), in nautical costumes ram the Queen Mary full speed into New York Harbor, play chicken with passenger planes and buses, rush into hospitals in white coats carrying saws and axes and scalpels three feet long, throw paralytics out of iron lungs (mimic their suffocations flopping about on the floor and rolling their eyes up), administer injections with bicycle pumps, disconnect artificial kidneys, saw a woman in half with a two-man surgical saw, they drive herds of squealing pigs into the Ka'bah, they shit on the floor of the United Nations and wipe their ass with treaties, pacts, alliances."

  2. More fine art from Gaston Goor can be found here:

    You can buy a book of his work here:

    GOOR (Gaston).
    SUITE DE 89 PASTELS ORIGINAUX du peintre Gaston GOOR inspirés par deux chapitres du célèbre texte de Pétrone.

    - Prix sur demande -

    Chaque image est dessinée sur fond noir et représente des jeunes gens engagés dans des activités sexuelles à l'esprit fort ludique.
    Dimensions : 22,9 x 30,5 cm. Cet ensemble est présenté sous un coffret en bois sculpté par l'artiste, et rappelant ses personnages.

    More from William Blake for the repressive bastards who come here:

    "Improvement makes strait roads, but the crooked roads without Improvement, are roads of Genius.
    Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse unacted desires."

    Give 'em fucking hell Sidney!

  3. Roger Peyrefitte was the guy who wrote Les Amitiers Particulieres in the late '40's. It was about a 12 and a 14 year old French boys in a Catholic boarding aschool.

    He was a well known boylover who wrote many novels featuring same. Unfortunately most are out of print.

    One of the repressive bastards who come here (you don't know me very well).

    Mr. Chips

  4. BTW Sidney, "Peter" was Peter G. Lawson, a young model who started doing nude posing out on the west coast and appeared in several "naturist" movies of the period.
    From what I understand, despite the posing and the target audfience for his works, young Peter was unabashedly straight and never participated in the high jinks that brouhgt the production company he worked for down.
    As I remember, after he grew up he marriedd and got into real estate. He should be about our age (yipes!!!).
    He used to have several albums of his photos on a site called but I believe they are no longer there. Still, his photos are all over the 'web if you care to look. I shouldf have looked so good at his age!

    Mr. Chips

  5. First of all Mr. Chips, his name was Glawson and not Lawson.

    Secondly, "he", meaning Peter, did not post his photos on the site. Someone else did that.

    Thirdly, since he is still living, I think it unwise to be discussing him here even though most of your information about him is dubious at best including his very name.

  6. Alphonso.....

    You were right about the last name. It was Glawson. Occasionally people do make mistakes. It comes with being human, in case you hadn't heard.

    Thank you for the information on Gaston Goor. I checked his information on Google and Wikipedia, hoping to find more of his work than the Peyrefitte door and the other item you linked to. Unfortunately not much of it is out there.

    Mr. Chips

  7. Would it be too much to ask for some civility and mutual respect amongst the commenters here?

  8. "He who knows the Law of Vibrations knows all." -Hermes Trismegistus

    I know these vibrations of the repressive bastards. The world is awash with them and we are suffocating from their impure breath.

    "Preaching nonviolence on principle reproduces the existing institutionalized violence." -Herbert Marcuse

  9. And here in Uncle's Sacred Space, what should be our demeanor?

  10. @Hermes Tismeg:

    Demeanour? Are you kidding me Hermes? And demeanour in sacred spaces? What a fucking joke! Have a taste of my sacred space, and this a rather polite one at that:

    "The worship of Dionysus was savage and ecstatic, his votaries participated in orgia in which live animals (usually a spotted fawn, a goat, an ox or a bull) were torn apart and devoured raw. It was believed that the god entered the worshippers and possessed them through this Eucharist of living flesh, called the Omophagia. Animal skins and masks were worn, and a bull-roarer (rhombus) was used to simulate the thundering of Zeus.

    As Dionysus and his retinue traveled the world spreading his cult, those who accepted him were rewarded with ecstasy. Those who opposed him were stricken with madness, and brought down by the hideous results of their own deranged atrocities."

  11. Alphonso,
    You digress.

  12. Will you guys behave, and stop picking on Chips!

    Otherwise this is what I like about you guys. I asks a question that's been driving me crazy for centuries, and you answers in swell detail!

    Now if I could just get you cats to quit bickering...

  13. I too saw this many years back, but never saved it. Dumb me. These doors to a cabinet in a Dining room in a very larg Mansion of a very Rich Gay Man. The walls of the dining room were covered with Murlas just like these doors, from floor to ceiling. Along with Roman Architecture. By what I remember, it must have been a beautiful home.

    Mr. Charles

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