Thursday, February 25, 2010

"Hot Seat"

This image reminds me of daze long ago when I was a trapped like a bug in the somewhat loving amber of my family. Yeah family sucks. They're a tub of disappointment, and irrational hassles.


'But you love these impossible people. Not only that, but they'll probably be the only ones that will 'still' be with you at the end.

What with so many losses amongst friends, and family lately this has been on my mind. Well 'that', and...

The hot plastic rear seat of my dad's old Buick.

That's why I posted the above pix. 'Driving back from the beach with a butt full of sand weighed down with my little sister on my lap, squeezed on either side by my big brother, and older cousin while we all sat on the red hot back seat of dad's beloved '58 Buick!

I think this was a torture unique to mid-20th century western industrial cultures.

So yeah that's me up there,..sort'a. I was actually prettier. Although I would never have been allowed to wear dark glasses.

Only movie stars, and drug addicts did that, and my old man wasn't about to let either career befall me.

Well it was a close thing, but no I'm not either.

Drug addict movie star no.

Queer communist pornographer yes.

I'm just trying to make dad proud.

They just don't make'em like this anymore. In Heaven every body drives the 1950's Detroit iron of their dreams!


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