Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Art Crime"


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("ART CRIME!",...or 6000 Volts Never Hurt Anybody,..that Mattered.)

I just read somewhere that some poor dumb bastard got six months for importing some Japanese comic books, Manga, into the land of the free. Yeah six or so scary issues of a sexy manga from the Emperor's comix shop of the Rise'n Sun.

Seems one of our new laws makes looking at comix book drawings of naked kiddies with damp dripping stiffies, and eyes full of Holy Lust worse than shooting a church full'a Popes.

Like I been saying Jesus won't be happy till 'Everything' in the U.S. of A. is illegal, and everybody's in prison.

There's a guy in Texas,...yeah where else.

Anyway the fella is doing 90 years for having a single hemp plant in his attic,..under a grow light. A neighbor turned him in for the reward. See in Texas if you grow your own you're legally a dealer. There's rewards for dealers. Dealers get life. One plant for personal use.

Nice country huh.

Right so there's the poor comic book guy sitting between Charles Manson, and Theodore John Kaczynski the Unabomber.

The Unabomber asks him what he's in for, and he sez,'n sexy jap comic books. The Unabomber sez,..."Wow! It's worse than I thought! Nuts as I am even I didn't think the system would get 'this' bad!"

"...told ya so." Sez Manson.

So far the tame Angel stuff I do is safe,..for right now.

The original version of the law tried to ban 'all' images of bipeds under 18 years.

'Guess they was getting their bully boys ready to hit the museums, and galleries with tear gas, and *1200/3000 volt taser stun guns. These to bring down any curators that wouldn't play ball.

*(Word on the street is the cops juice up their units for effect. So if you piss some cop off you might get a taste of 5000/6000 volts. Which is why the old folks tend to have heart attacks, and die on the spot. There's been alot of that lately.)

Them taser things is killing people all over the country. Mostly old folks. Healthy young adults survive.

Btw, a six year old boy in Miami just got the crap zapped out'a him. Over a thousand of volts of electricity.

Yeah of course he was Black.

*Note to parents, and guardians, esp. if you're Black, Mexican or just plain poor. If the authorities taser, electrify, and make your kid crap gobs of shitty blood it is 'not' abuse.

So yeah American cops use these evil things on youngsters, and older folks. Israelies, and eastern Europeans are in on the taser act too, but I haven't heard them frying the very young or old,...yet.

I'm sure that's in the pipeline though.

See the damned things are just so handy. They're popular with the heat because they brings down the perps in two seconds. None of that sloppy gun play that always looks so bad on the precinct reports, and tv.

Understandable if you've got a 26 year old 250lb biker that's stoned on angel dust, crack, and whiskey coming at you with a rusty 10 inch blade while "Sympathy for the Devil" plays in the backround.

Hell I'd Zap the bastard myself.

Hey don't get me wrong. I loves the cops. Especially when some armed crazed maniac is climbing in through my bedroom window to chop me up, and the cop shows up just in time to air this guy out with a hail of 9mm slugs!

I sincerely loves'em then!

On the other hand,...a 72 year old granny stopped for a traffic violation. That or a 14 year old that was skate boarding on private property. Eh, seems other means other than 3000 volts could have settled them offenses.

Sorry I digress.

You get the picture. Seems the only safe thing to do is to hide in your basement or under your bed,...but than that might be illegal too

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