Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Oh My,..."

I've been lurking around dear Tristan's, who is most certainly a guy, I've been poking about our pal's blog, and web pages. See his links over on the right. Aw gee. I want to buy "ALL",..well mostly all of his works.

Maybe we can work a deal, we'll see.

Anyway his rationality about his work put me in mind to make some dough,..finally from my own swell stuff.

All my life others have raked in the scratch from my stuff. This because I was such anti-capitalist, or incompetent business person.

Take your pick.

Anyway book sellers make hundreds of bucks from my early books. Mostly because they think I'm dead. I've always intended to announce that I'm still here, and have crates of them "rare" books that they want so bad.

Aw, I know me. Business is not my art form. Still Maybe I might offer a few items now'n then.


  1. I am guessing the last 3 pics are yours (as they are not mine). I like the bottom one. So, you can buy anything of mine you want :) buy enough and maybe we can make a deal. Or if several people buy stuff from me and say they found my stuff through this Weble (I hate the term blog, I might give a discount!

  2. Hi Tristan,
    I really like your art.
    If you don't like the word "blog" use "web log" since that is the proper phrase for what this had been named. I think "weble" is even worse than "blog" and on top of that a lot of people have no idea what it means.
    I'm glad you found this site. Have you listened to Uncle Sidney's radio program on WBAI?

  3. There ought to be much, much more of this sort of thing in the world. I am remiss not to be doing more.

  4. It's a deal!

    I'll back a truck up to your loading dock, and shovel the Angels in!

    I'll be in touch in a few weeks.

    You're inspiring me to work again. It's been some years.

  5. Someone please tell me how to listen to Uncle's radio show. Can I find it with my Windows Media Player internet radio stations?

  6. Uncle,
    I love your angels!