Thursday, February 25, 2010


To pass the time I'm considering, once again, the opening of an unregistered, and most certainly unlicensed academy for young gentlemen. This is the proposed uniform.

Of course for the summer term what with the extremes of heat, and humidity in this region. For our summer term it would of course be clothing optional for staff, and student body.


  1. So while I'm here singing the praises of our Patron Saint William S. Burroughs, I may as well also suggest to the weirdos Art Fanatic and Mr. Chips a reading of William Blake:

    "He who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence."

    Poke that up your assholes, and if that doesn't unconstipate you then I'll prescribe more medicine for you later later.

  2. If I said I have a teacher's certificate, would you hire me at the Academy? I know how to handle boys.

  3. Alphonso,
    Are Art Fanatic and Mr. Chips to be denied the right to speak their own minds? Is it silence that you desire from them?

  4. *Love* the sissy outfits. You might enjoy Copley's portrait of Midshipman Augustus Brine. He's a bit butcher than these lads, but full of forthright charm.

    William Blake is also known for this old chestnut:

    Children of the future age,

    Reading this indignant page,

    Know that in a former time

    Love, sweet love, was thought a crime.

  5. P.S. - That'll be the subject of my first lecture at the Academy for Young Gentlemen.

  6. Zaek, William Blake is chock full of good things. He doesn't miss a beat and he is unrelenting.

  7. It's no mistake that the best bookstore ever to appear in North America, first in Toronto and then later in Boston was named "Glad Day". Straight out of Blake. But the owner, J.M., is a genius in his own right.

  8. My dear Alphonso. May I ask that you treat all of our comrades with the same thoughtful kindness you've shown me.

    I ask very little of my good, and loyal fans. So if you could see your way clear in this regard I'd be most grateful.

  9. As to engaging a teaching staff. Degrees, and assorted fancy paper work would be good to have, but not absolutely needed.

    The ability to "handle" the lads, gently, is a must. Of course one should be prepared to be "handled" back.

    I'm thinking a progressive 21st century "Summer Hill", not a regressive, and oppressive Sparta.

  10. Glad Day Bookshop:

  11. Samwise, that's the original Glad Day that the founder J.M. sold in Toronto and hasn't been connected with for decades. I'm talking about his places in Boston where he lived later. And don't bring up M's Calamus Bookstore. These are completely different things. They are OK, but they are not what J.M. ran despite the fact that M. was his manager.
    J.M. was a warrior. These latter day guys are wusses.

  12. Sidney, do you know that A. S. Neill claimed that Summerhill never produced a homosexual. When pressed on the issue he covered his ass by saying Summerhill never produced a fag of the Oscar Wilde variety. Really funny stuff.
    Neill was a nice old guy still pretty traditional.
    And I take exception to your comments about Sparta. We are in no position to start getting up on our high horses.

  13. No I didn't know about the "Queerless Summer Hill" delusion. I have to assume the place was crawling with all sorts of gleeful thought criminals.

    Still I imagine Neill was a person of his times. The immediate post war era, and all that implies.

    As for Sparta I admit I only have a PBS concept of them guys so sorry if I went too far.

    You're very correct about that "High Horse" though.

    Sparta had bronze helmets, wood+leather shields, and iron swords.

    We, w/multiple millenia more "wisdom" are the potential "Destroyer of Worlds".